Staying healthy is important to everyone, which is why we created our wellness programs. These program encourages patients to get well and stay well by helping you understand your health, identify risks and make positive lifestyle changes.

Patients enrolled in the Khoo & Associates Cardiology and Wellness program are seeing noticeable improvements in their cardiovascular, as well as, overall health.

Many patients that have been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or other medical conditions are showing significant improvements in body mass index, waist circumference, weight, stress, energy levels, blood pressure, diabetic indicators and dependence on medications.


By simply making some key dietary, behavioral and lifestyle changes under the care and guidance of the experts at Khoo & Associates Cardiology and Wellness, our patient are experiencing great results.

We believe in an integrated approach to cardiovascular care and strive to incorporate various Wellness programs to maximize patient outcomes. We go beyond the expected to deliver the most positive and caring patient encounter possible. Our philosophy dictates that communication between the doctor and the patient is essential and we are committed to caring for our patients by offering full-service quality heart health care and wellness services for individuals in and around Albuquerque.

Khoo & Associates Cardiology and Wellness offers several unique programs for patients to meet their health care goals. We believe that a healthy lifestyle leads to better health and can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke.

These programs that are offered have shown significant improvement in a persons body mass index, waist circumference, weight, stress, blood pressure, diabetic indicators, and dependence on medications.

Wellness Services we offer include:

We have a strong focus on promoting good health and preventing illness. With unparalleled service, respect and kindness, we are truly dedicated to serving each of your individual health needs. It is always exciting to empower patients with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve a better quality of life, and it is our pleasure and honor to serve you.

Thank you for choosing Khoo & Associates Cardiology and Wellness, where quality healthcare is at the heart of everything we do.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary until you are confident that you understand your heart condition, medications or procedures you may be considering.

In her practice as a top heart doctor in Albuquerque, Dr. Michelle Khoo wants you to be informed, comfortable and confident about your treatment plan.

Quality Healthcare is at the Heart of Everything We Do.

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Khoo & Associates Cardiology and Wellness is a boutique Cardiovascular Health & Wellness practice that is focused on delivering outstanding, comprehensive and ethical cardiovascular care to patients in Albuquerque and the surrounding counties of Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia in New Mexico.

Our experienced and dedicated team offers our patients the combined collective experience and knowledge necessary to ensure the highest level of patient care in two convenient office locations – Downtown Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.