Two successful heart transplants in one family

Dr Khoo, I wanted to share a picture of myself and my brother, Art Hernandez who just this last Friday, August 11th, returned back home to Albuquerque, after a successful heart transplant on May, 27th in Denver, Colorado. Both Art & I met you about 6 years ago, during a very difficult and mysterious health crisis that was affecting the heart health of many of our family members. Under your care we were both able to survive a very life threatening genetic form of heart disease until we received our new hearts. This would not have been possible without you. Here we are today, healthy and strong survivors of two successful heart transplants in one family. I had my transplant 28 months ago, and am now living a very complete and fulfilling life. Thanks to your hard work, determination and dedication as an amazing physician, we are both here today to say
thank you!

alfredo art hernandez