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We’ve found that the best advice usually comes from the people who have already experienced what you are going through now. That’s why we’re sharing these real-life testimonials from people who have experienced the compassion, care and professionalism that Khoo & Associates Cardiology and Wellness can provide.

You can take comfort in knowing that many others that have been in your shoes have trusted us to provide the best cardiac care services available that are tailored to meet the needs of their loved ones.

Here is what our Patients are saying about Khoo & Associates:

After Dr Khoo did my Electro Cardio Version on 7/19/2019 the result was astounding; A-Fib gone, HR 74-75 range. One day later I'm over the moon, even more improvement, resting HR 66-67-68 . Yippie ! This is how I look at choosing a doctor: At least 50% of them graduated from medical school in the bottom 50% of their class. I never ask her where she was at graduation, but I'll bet money she was in the top 1% ! I had recently met two people who had the procedure performed by other cardiologist without a successful outcome. (One of them is my nephew.) Dr Khoo is the fifth cardiologist I had been to after my diagnoses on 1/30/2019. I intuitively understood that I would be in her care for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Dr. Khoo, I've already told several others about your awesome skills and loving care you give your patients. Love and Blessing B2U.
Clint G. BridgesPatient
"I am writing to recommend Dr. Khoo to anyone who is suffering from cardiac issues. She has literally saved my over 80 year old mom from the brinks of death twice. After our very first meeting with Dr. Khoo, after 2 years of seeing her primary care doctor with the same symptoms, Dr. Khoo told her she was text book heart failure. That began a crazy year of treatment to get her back to her old self. I am happy to say that my mom is still here and back to her feisty self. Thank you Dr. Khoo and staff!! You guys are amazing!"
Adeline H.Daughter
"After having a less than adequate experience with a different cardiology group, Dr. Khoo came recommended to me and I immediately reached out to her. The individualized attention and personalized care I have received from Dr. Khoo and her team have been amazing! My overall patient experience has been exceptional. She is always accessible and available to answer my questions and ease my anxiety. She will even see me even if I don’t have an appointment. Most importantly, my health outcome has been great and I am now on the road to recovery. I trust Dr. Khoo with my life, literally. I sincerely believe Dr. Khoo is uniquely talented (gifted really) and she so generously shares her talents to help others. I’d recommend Dr. Khoo and her team to anyone!"
Charles R.Patient
"There is a singular word that encompasses who Dr Khoo is as a person, and as a physician. "Incredible." Her kindness and compassion, are excelled only by her brilliance as a diagnostician, and care provider. Her staff is always accommodating. My wife is a retired Registered Nurse. In her 24 years of practice, she finds Dr. Khoo's medicine unsurpassed. I am a retired US Army Officer. I have received medical care world-wide. My experience with Dr. Khoo mirror images my wife's. Dr. Khoo has us as patients for life. Any patient with a cardiac condition would be well advised to seek out her services."
Michael & Gail L.Patients
By virtue of my profession I am generally inclined to write demand letters of letters seeking redress of some grievance or wrong. This will be an exception to that general rule. While it may seem as if New Mexico’s issues with health care generally and attracting physicians especially make it difficult to locate physicians at the top of their field, Dr. Michelle Khoo provides an excellent solution to locating an excellent “heart doctor” in New Mexico. I suppose if you have just regular cardiac issues you could employ any cardiologist without peril. If you have heart issues that you believe require the attention of the brightest star in the local cardiology community, then Dr. Khoo will be your answer. I have diligently worked through this finding a cardiologist issue. Dr. Khoo is very obviously supremely intelligent, up to date, and a cutting-edge cardiologist. Dr. Khoo applies her extraordinary medical skills and expertise with a great sense of humor, a genuine concern for the well-being of her patients and outstanding communication skills. Doesn’t do anyone any good to have a physician who understands your medical needs without the ability to intelligently and compassionately communicate with you to address them. For those of you who are new to the cardio issues problem, Dr. Khoo even has a patient outreach group which provides speakers, self-help tips and provides “you are not in this alone” support and even perhaps comradery. You can sort through the available choices for your cardiologist and take your chances, or you can start at the top from the onset. If you need the best, you found her. Good luck to you with your heart issues, they are scary. I firmly believe Dr. Khoo is an outstanding resource for you, for me and for New Mexico.
"It has been a week since my last scheduled appointment with Dr. Khoo and I am feeling compelled to email this letter to her. I have been Dr. Khoo's patient for several years and feel so fortunate to have her as my cardiologist. Since my diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, my trust under her care has only increased. Her expertise, commitment to her profession and her patients, and ability to make everyone feel special are unparalleled. Because she always follows through with my treatment, takes the time and goes the extra mile, I feel safe and know that she has my best interest at heart. She has calmed my fears many times, with emails, phone calls, and concern. Her focus is not only the identified medical condition of her patients but of their well-being, evidenced through her Support Groups, videos, and Wellness Center. She cares! Not only is she Albuquerque's Top Doc, she is mine!"
Edina G.Retired Teacher/Instructional Coach
“I am beyond impressed with my experience at Dr. Khoo’s office. This past year I have been blown away by the level of care she has shown me and how helpful her staff has been. I truly believe Dr. Khoo has saved my life, and I cannot image not having her in it. Now on to the appointments … they always run on time, Dr. Khoo’s entire staff is really knowledgeable, and I continuously leave my appointments feeling optimistic. I would highly recommend this medical group!”
J. Johnson
Meeting Dr Khoo in September 2011 was an experience one rarely achieves with a new doctor. From the first moment I had complete & utter confidence that this young woman would help make me feel better. I am still not sure how she did it, I just know I had complete faith in her abilities and I continue to hold that faith. I am moving out of state and am extremely sorry to lose her kindness & expertise. One thing she does very well is to explain everything in words I could understand and if she noticed any hesitation on my part, she explained all procedures, meds or other plans to me again. Once we got to the part that I needed a pacemaker, she went over the procedure before she started and once again before she began. Afterwards she made sure I knew exactly what the pacemaker would do & why I needed it. I have never felt rushed or that she was pressed for time. This has been her attitude the entire time I have been her patient & have felt the same attitude from Johanna & other staff members. Johanna did most of my pacemaker checks and always made sure I knew when she was changing anything or if I would feel something different. She also checked with me repeatedly to make sure I fully understood what was happening. Doctor Khoo is kind, caring, thoughtful, wise and I believe, very, very smart. She always reminds me to call or check with her office for any reason whatsoever. I will miss her smile, her kindness & her giggles. I sincerely hope she has a long & happy life & that her practice continues to flourish. We need more doctors like Dr Khoo who can inspire her kind of medical care and strive for better understanding with her patients.
Ann R.Patient
We had been waiting for a while for Dr. Khoo to get here. We , both of us, were her first patients and appointments on her first day of practice in Albuquerque five years ago and we are still here, thanks to her. Dr. Khoo has had such a positive influence on our lives, being our Doctor, friend, and confidante. She has kept us healthy and happy , informed and enjoying our life, and getting over the small 'bumps, in the road. Dr. Khoo is in our hearts, a true healer of body, mind, and spirit. We are truly blessed and fortunate to be able to say "She's our Doctor ".
Carmaleta & Robert G.Patients
"Cheerful, efficient, impressive diagnostician. Thorough, skillful, gentle. Knowledgeable, helpful, translator of medicalspeak into understandable talk-if one really wants to know. The clinic is very clean, well-organized, welcoming. The patient flow is good and steady, scheduling (allowing for some hiccups in emergencies) of times is reasonable. I was a refugee from Dr. Teresa Sigala's practice when Khoo and Associates took me in, treated me well, became my friends. And I owe Mhalloy a debt of gratitude for restoring my faith in human Kindness. "
Willy B.Patient
"I trust Dr. Khoo completely. She has had my heart in her hands for about five years now and has taken excellent care of it. Her approach is both thoughtful and conservative, backed up by extensive knowledge, skill and experience. When I first saw Dr. Khoo, I felt discouraged. My A Fib was preventing me from hiking, and I was afraid it would keep me from doing many other activities I enjoy. Dr. Khoo's expertise and encouragement has enabled me to continue being active. Last summer I sent her a photo of me standing in the Kenai River in Alaska holding the three sockeye salmon I'd caught that day. This summer I sent her a photo of my husband and me hiking part of the Colorado Trail that started at 12,126 feet. Sure, I'm a little slower, but hey, I'm almost 76 years old! With Dr. Khoo as my physician and cheerleader, I expect to keep on moving for a long time!"
Linda S.Patient
"I think it is so fitting that Dr. Khoo is a cardiologist, because she is all HEART, literally and figuratively! She takes care of her patients’ physical heart, but she also nurtures their emotional heart. On top of that, she cares about her patient’s well-being by keeping them intellectually informed and socially connected, with her patient education meetings, which have proven so valuable to us over the years. I just don’t know what we would do without Dr. Khoo. She is special and irreplaceable. She has become an integral part of our lives. Because of her, our family is still intact. Alfredo is still alive, I still have my husband, and our children still have their father. That’s a gift I’m eternally grateful for. Thank you Dr. Khoo!"
Melissa H.Wife of Patient
"We both are patients of Dr. Khoo. She is one of those rare doctors who doesn’t just take you as a patient—she and her team ”adopt” you. Her expertise is serious but dealing with her is fun. And her cardiac patient support group is great. If you need a cardiologist, see Dr. Khoo."
Chuck & Dianne H.Patients of Dr. Khoo
“Words could never truly express the phenomenal caring person that Dr. Michelle Khoo is. Dr. Khoo is an Cardiologist & Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist practicing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My father has a hereditary heart condition and had been through two pacemakers prior to seeing Dr. Khoo for the first time. Immediately upon seeing Dr. Khoo, she identified that my father’s heart condition was far more fatal and serious than we could’ve imagined. She took an interest in pursuing testing not only for my father, but the majority of our family to include me. Prior to Dr. Khoo, our family had no idea what was causing congestive heart failure to be prevalent in our family. Dr. Khoo isn’t a cardiologist who treats her patients and onto the next; she treats her patients as individuals whom she genuinely cares about. She has truly saved my father’s life, family members and continues to treat our family with the utmost care and compassion that a human being can. Her passionate care for her patients is truly remarkable! We consider Dr. Khoo as part of our family and I will forever be grateful to her!”
Erika B.Daughter of Patient
“Dr. Michelle Khoo, a Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the best in her field and in my opinion, the best in the world. My husband has a genetic heart condition known as LMNA cardiomyopathy which has caused him arrhythmias, extensive multiple ablations performed prior to her becoming his doctor, dilated cardiomyopathy, and congenital heart failure. Prior to seeing Dr. Khoo, my husband had been through two pacemakers. Dr. Khoo immediately identified that my husband’s problems were not the ordinary run of the mill, it was something more serious that required extensive research and testing not only of my husband, but maternal brothers and sisters to include their offspring in order to fully understand and be able to treat a hereditary heart condition which affects the majority of male family members. In May 2013 my husband’s second pacemaker was replaced with an ICD by Dr. Khoo. Ever since my husband has been in the capable and caring hands of Dr. Khoo his health has improved tremendously. My family and I are very grateful that Dr. Khoo is a passionate dedicated cardiologist who takes care of her patients as if they were her dearly beloved family members instead of just patients with heart conditions. She is a Godsend to my family. She gives my husband the best possible care, shows genuine compassion, and her words of encouragement to me and my family have been an inspiration of what a wonderful human being Dr. Khoo is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives caring for our loved one. She is not only my husband’s cardiologist, we consider her part of our family! Thank you Dr. Khoo.”
Irma B.Wife of Patient
“Dr. Michelle Khoo, an Electrophysiologist, is a most remarkable doctor. Even though she literally saved my life after my heart arrested (stopped) for about six minutes, she has given it new life and given me a positive quality of life. Dr. Khoo consistently demonstrates a true compassionate concern for all her patients. I am fortunate to continue to experience a doctor with these qualities. Anyone having Dr. Khoo as their heart doctor will be most fortunate.”
Byron W.Patient
“I know Dr. Michelle Khoo not as a patient, but as a family member of a patient. She is a caring doctor willing to go the extra step in caring for her patients and their families. She has always been available to answer questions and listen to concerns. Her attention to the care, comfort and education of her patients and their families is greatly appreciated. Without her help in 2013, I doubt that my husband and I would be happily celebrating our 49th Wedding Anniversary in 2015!”
Madeleine W.Wife of Patient
“August 2010 I met Dr Michelle Khoo - she introduced herself to us "I am an electrician and that's what you need." I remember feeling so relieved and my husband fell in love with her immediately! I was between Cardiologists and waiting for a new doctor to arrive,and also having severe rhythm problems. I was extremely stressed. After reviewing my medical data I was scheduled the next week for a pacemaker. Such an honor to be cared for so carefully over these years. I believe I was her second pacer patient here in Albuquerque. She is who I know I must answer to with health issues but also my friend. We have attended quarterly support sessions for her patients and family members with implantable units. There is no where else I can approach someone and ask who has a pacemaker? We have made many friends in this group. They are amazing patients encouraged to be active in their personal health care.”
Janet M.Patient
“I was impressed with Dr. Michelle Khoo when she first met my wife for a heart condition. She was decisive about conditions and made quick action to correct her problem and has excellent followup. When I was involved with a mini-stroke she suggested I needed a cardiac checkup. I asked if she was available. She was and I have had excellent results from her service and referrals.”
Bob M.Husband of Patient